Keep Your Home Organized With These Tricks

Woman organizing clothes in basket
No matter how gorgeous your home is, if it’s cluttered, that’s the first thing people will notice. Clutter takes away from the home’s overall look and can even make it look smaller than it is. Instead of succumbing to the mess, follow some tips to organize your home. Organize Your Cleaning... [read more]

Spice Up Your Life And Kitchen

Cropped Image of Woman Hand Adding Turmeric Spice Over a Pan in Her Kitchen
Is there anything more overwhelming than the spice aisle at the grocery store? It has bottles and bottles of spices, and you aren’t sure what you need. Instead of trying to figure it out during your next grocery run, check out these must-have spices. Spices are an essential addition to... [read more]

Cruise Along The Highway In The Appealing Sienna

2021 Toyota Sienna
The 2021 Toyota Sienna gives the family minivan an entirely new meaning. The stylish wide-mouth grille, beyond generous fuel economy, and optional all-wheel-drive make this vehicle undeniably good. It all makes sense why this ride is the talk of the town here in Mckinney, Texas. So, let's see what the... [read more]

Functional Décor Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

Pillows with clovers on green background
St. Patrick’s Day is coming right up, so you can expect to see green everywhere you look. If you want to decorate your home for the holiday, consider these stylish décor ideas. Greet with Greenery A vibrant green wreath would be an appropriate first impression on your front door. Bay leaves, eucalyptus,... [read more]

Repurpose Crates In Creative Ways

Wooden drawer shelves with decor. Creative head of the bed, shelves for decor in the loft style or Scandinavia. Trend elements of the interior. Pot with ivy
On the hunt for your next DIY project? Consider making something with wooden crates! Wood crates can be found at almost every craft store for a low cost, and they add a rustic touch of style and storage to your home. Check out these DIY wood crate projects to satisfy... [read more]

The Avalon Hybrid Is Calling

Toyota Avalon on a road by the sea
Toyota has always been a pioneer in the hybrid car field, and they continue to innovate what the class can be with the efficient Avalon Hybrid. Let’s take a look at the 2021 model to see what this smart sedan has to offer. Updates for 2021 Toyota has made several updates to... [read more]

Start A New Hobby

Woman painting furniture
Are you looking to change things up in your weekly routine? We are here to help! First things first, let's talk about your interests. Do you love competitive scenes, turning something old into new, or making a little extra cash? With these three tips for starting a new hobby, we... [read more]

Give Your Veggie Burger An Upgrade

Close up of Veggie burger on paper
Veggie burgers; they might sound bland, but if you get a good one, you’ll know that it tastes as good as any other burger you could get out there. However, a subpar veggie burger just won’t make the cut. How then can you take your veggie burger to new heights,... [read more]

Get In And Out With Toyota Express Maintenance!

A repairman handling new tires in an automotive shop.
Keeping your car in tip-top shape is very important, but many drivers put off the services they need. This happens for a few reasons, and one of the biggest reasons is the time it takes to schedule and complete a service appointment. That's why Toyota created the Toyota Express Maintenance... [read more]

You’ll Be Rolling Over These Recipes

lush homemade rolls with garlic and dill on wooden table
Just imagine the joy of biting into a freshly-baked homemade roll - then imagine making them for yourself! Homemade rolls are surprisingly easy to make and they add an extra bit of "oomph" to any meal. Take your favorite dinners to the next level with these homemade roll recipes! Dill Cottage... [read more]