Y Is For The Toyota Yaris

The subcompact class is known for low starting prices and efficient engines, and when Toyota enters the competition, you can expect so much more. Let’s take a look at the 2020 Yaris to see what this well-rounded, fun-sized car has to offer.

Impressive Efficiency

The Yaris stands out for its excellent gas mileage, even within a class that routinely attracts drivers for its efficiency. This subcompact car demonstrates conservative fuel economy at any speed, and you can expect many miles between interruptions to fill up at the gas station. With any powertrain configuration you choose, you stand to save at the gas pump whether you stick to city streets or venture out onto the highway.

Power and Performance

While some subcompacts offer efficiency at the cost of power, the Yaris balances its disciplined fuel consumption with dynamic handling. The car provides a tranquil ride in the city or on the open road, and its complaint suspension system can dissipate bumps along the way to protect your passengers from turbulent travels. A 106-horsepower 4-cylinder engine comes standard under the Yaris’ hood, and it’s accompanied by a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive. Toyota also offers an available six-speed automatic if you would prefer to let the powertrain handle the gear shifting duties. You’ll enjoy timely transitions with either setup, and the Yaris can rise to speed whenever you need to merge onto the interstate or pass slower traffic. The subcompact is surprisingly nimble, with delightfully sporty handling for fun behind the wheel. It remains balanced around winding roads, and you can easily access tricky parking spots with confidence.

Comfort and Space

On the inside, the Yaris boldly reaches above its price point with a high-quality cabin, impressive interior styling, and refined furnishings. The interior materials are all smooth to the touch, and the seating is adorned with soft upholstery. Both rows are also thoroughly cushioned and supportive to promote a relaxed posture for as long as the ride takes. Up to five people can ride along whether you choose the sedan or hatchback body style, with ample room for everyone onboard.

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