From Frozen Pierogis To Fantastic Dishes

For the nights when you need a quick dinner that’s both delicious and hands-off, one of your best approaches is to enhance a frozen meal. You’ll be able to add sauces, extra flavors, and even extra vegetables to make the dish heartier while still saving a ton of time on the prep work. Take a look at these recipes that use frozen pierogis as the main ingredient!

One-Pot Pierogi Casserole

In addition to using pre-made pierogis, this dish is also made in just one pot so you have fewer dishes to clean up after dinner. This weeknight winner enhances pierogis with cheese, onion, butter, bacon, sausage, and cream for an irresistible comfort dish.

Cream Cheese Bacon Pierogi Casserole

This pierogi casserole variant uses cream cheese, bacon, cheddar cheese, and green onions to jazz up a bag of frozen pierogis, which plays up the cheese and potato filling inside the pierogis. Plus, it comes together in about 40 minutes so it’s perfect for your busiest weeknights.

Loaded Pierogis

If you combine pierogis with nacho-style toppings, you’ll end up with this insanely delicious dinner. You’ll use bacon, garlic, cream cheese, chicken broth, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and green onions to top and bake the pierogis into a dinner the whole family is sure to love.

Cheesy Pierogi Bake

Since pierogis are often filled with cheese, it makes sense to top them with more cheese, right? Definitely. Green onions and bacon complete the flavor profile in this quick-cooking dish.

One-Pot Vegetarian Pierogi Lasagna

Pierogis are essentially potato and cheese wrapped in pasta, which means they make a great lasagna base. As a note, this recipe uses cottage cheese, but if you don’t care for cottage cheese, making your own ricotta as a substitute is super easy using this recipe.

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Make Your Own Pierogis

If you have some extra time on your hands, making your own pierogis is easy and extremely rewarding! You can even freeze the leftover to use in your next quick frozen pierogi casserole!

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