Enjoy Some Fresh Air At The Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve

Bicyclist riding along a paved path

Being cooped up indoors can be mentally exhausting. The cure is simple: Re-set and recharge in the great outdoors. You’ll be amazed at what a little fresh air and sunshine can do for your mood, your energy, and your spirit. If you live in or near Plano, Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve is calling your name. Gather the family and head out for a day spent enjoying the sights and sounds of this hidden gem near Plano.

Things to Do at Oak Point

Whether you’re a hiker, a biker, a fisher, a wildlife enthusiast, or a bird watcher, you won’t get bored when you visit Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve. This 800-acre park features vast amounts of open space, nature trails, a small lake, a playground, and an on-site ropes and zip-line course. Oak Point’s pond is open for kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding from dawn to dusk.

One of the most popular pastimes at Oak Point is hiking and biking the well-maintained trails. With nearly 8 miles of concrete trails and 5 miles of soft-surface trails along Rowlett Creek, you can get in more than your fair share of serious strolling or hard-core hiking – or enjoy a family bike ride at your own pace.

Natural Beauty

In addition to its variety of activities, Oak Point gets a lot of praise for its scenic views and wide array of flora and fauna that you can spot on any visit. Bring binoculars to keep an eye out for the many winged species that call this area home, as well as all types of wildlife. A visit to this park is a great way to surround yourself with nature – without venturing too far from town.

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What Visitors Are Saying

  • “Best of the Plano Parks system! Paved trail and dirt track. Bathroom facilities are clean and new. Great for solo hiker/walker and families.”
  • “My family loves this place. It’s great in the summer because there’s a lot of shade and if you need a rest, lots of benches. The trails in the park also lead to other city trails and you can get on another trail and ride for miles in the city of Plano.”
  • “Best bike/walking trails anywhere! Love the variety of scenery one can ride through, and that it’s so big it never feels crowded. My favorite places are the bridges and the lake!”