Protect The Paint Job Of Your Toyota From The Summer Sun

A desert highway in America in the Summer with lots of sunshine.

Though summer is many people’s favorite season for the sense of freedom, adventure, and whimsy it brings, the harsh UV rays of the sun can wreak havoc on many things – including the paint of your car. Just as you wear a daily SPF to protect your skin from damaging UV rays, there are steps you can take to protect your car’s paint job, too. Use these five tips to make the paint on your car shine bright for years to come.

Wash Your Car Frequently

Regular washes will reduce the chances of dirt and debris ruining the paint job on your car. The longer grime is allowed to sit on your car, the more it can penetrate and ruin the paint. Try not to wash your car in direct sunlight, and use a clay bar to remove stuck-on dirt rather than scratching it off.

Hand-Dry Your Car After A Wash

Though it’s tempting to let nature do the drying work for you, air-drying your car can leave behind water spots and fade the paint job on your car. To prevent this, be sure to use clean cotton towels, rags, or microfiber towels to thoroughly absorb and dry your car after you wash it.

Wax Your Car

Besides adding an extra glimmer and gleam to your car, wax has many additional benefits, including sun protection. In fact, think of car wax like sunscreen for your car. It protects the paint job from UV rays, and protects your car from debris that can cause pitting. Without wax, you’re leaving your car vulnerable and exposed to many harmful pollutants.

Extra Paint Protection

You can buy paint protection film kits that can be used all over your car or just on the headlights. These protective kits give your car an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays, and you put them on yourself or have the work done professionally in an auto body shop.

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Keep Your Car Out Of The Sun

Exposure to the sun is inevitable while you’re driving and ultimately isn’t that bad for the paint. The real damage comes in when your car is stored outside without cover or shade for long periods of time. When possible, always try to park in a shady or covered area.

With these helpful tips your paint will look incredible for many years to come!