Springtime Car Care

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Auto maintenance often falls by the wayside during the long cold months of winter. By the time spring rolls around and the roads call out for joyrides again, you might have some things to attend to first. Winter’s rough roads, rocky and sandy and pitted, can take a toll on your tires and alignment. Fluid levels may have dwindled since they were last checked, and if you don’t drive much during the cold months, your battery might need to be replaced. And who even knows how well your long-untouched AC system is going to fare? We’ve got a few tips for getting your vehicle ready to take on spring drives and summer road trips.

Catch Up on Services

If your vehicle has spent a good portion of the winter cooped up in your garage, odds are a routine service or two has passed you by. Never fear – you’re not alone, and it’s really not that hard to get back up to speed. Grab your owner’s manual from the glove box and brush up on the services that you need to catch up with. And then turn to your trusted local automotive care center for a good once-over. You’ll get back on track fast and be ready to tackle spring and summer travels safely – which is really the only way to go.

Address the AC System

You probably haven’t had to use the AC in a while … it’s time to change that. No one wants to discover their car’s air conditioner is on the fritz when they’re stuck in traffic with the midday sun beaming in through the windows. And if you catch AC problems early and have them addressed right away, you’ll potentially save a bundle over having the whole system overhauled if it stops working entirely.

Check the Tires

Your tires are a crucial aspect of road safety, serving as a car’s only four contact points with the road. Make sure they’re in good shape with a visual inspection to check for cracks, bulges, uneven wear, or bald patches. Don’t forget to check out the spare, too. If you suspect your tires need attention, hurry into your service center for an expert assessment, and help in selecting the right ones for your particular make and model.

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