Category: DIY Projects

Repurpose Crates In Creative Ways

Wooden drawer shelves with decor. Creative head of the bed, shelves for decor in the loft style or Scandinavia. Trend elements of the interior. Pot with ivy
On the hunt for your next DIY project? Consider making something with wooden crates! Wood crates can be found at almost every craft store for a low cost, and they add a rustic touch of style and storage to your home. Check out these DIY wood crate projects to satisfy... [read more]

Start A New Hobby

Woman painting furniture
Are you looking to change things up in your weekly routine? We are here to help! First things first, let's talk about your interests. Do you love competitive scenes, turning something old into new, or making a little extra cash? With these three tips for starting a new hobby, we... [read more]