Repurpose Crates In Creative Ways

On the hunt for your next DIY project? Consider making something with wooden crates! Wood crates can be found at almost every craft store for a low cost, and they add a rustic touch of style and storage to your home. Check out these DIY wood crate projects to satisfy your creative side!

Crate Bookcase

Crate bookshelves are a great introduction to DIY furniture because all you have to do is paint or stain the wooden crates and attach them together in a configuration of your choosing. If you have kids or pets, you’ll want to secure the crates to each other with screws or liquid nails. Other than that, you can construct your very own open bookcase in an afternoon!

Crate Nightstands

Similar to the crate bookcase, you’ll only need to stain or paint the crates and stack them together to create the perfect farmhouse nightstand. Since the crates won’t really have the support of a wall like they would as a bookcase, securing the two crates to each other with short screws or liquid nails will add stability to the nightstands.

Crate Pallet Coffee Table

This DIY coffee table couldn’t be easier to construct, and it will bring lots of warmth and natural texture to your living room. You’ll need six crates, the top of one pallet, screws or liquid nails, and paint or stain of your choice. There are so many ways to decorate and customize this farmhouse coffee table!

DIY Crate Desk

Need to upgrade your current work-from-home situation? Build your own crate desk in an afternoon or two and give yourself plenty of space to work. Because you’re building the desk yourself, you can customize how long and deep it is to fit your work-from-home space whether it’s a transformed “closet office” or a dedicated home office.

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DIY Room Divider

Open floor plans and shared spaces are great – until they’re too open and you can’t make efficient use of your space. Whether you need to section off a home learning space for the kids or create a little extra separation between siblings who share a room, this DIY crate room divider allows you to add a bit of privacy (and built-in storage!) without needing a permit to add a whole wall to your home.

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